Congratulations to all the contestants. You did a great job!


Congratulations to the winning teams from Lynbrook High School (1st), Piedmont Hills High School (2nd), and Palo Alto High School (3rd)!

Individuals on the top 7 teams received certificates. Individuals on the top 3 teams received the following prizes, graciously provided by Jerry Cain:

View the complete scoreboard to see how each team scored.


ProCo 2009 was held on May 16, 2009, and saw 92 students representing 23 different schools:

Some statistics about the submissions:


The entire archive of ProCo 2009 files (problem descriptions, judge data, and sample solutions) can be downloaded here.

The problem packet for ProCo 2009 is available for viewing here.

Individual problems are also available for download:

Problem Sample Solutions
2.1 C++ Java
2.2 C++ Java
2.3 C++ Java
2.4 C++ Java
2.5 C++ Java
5.1 C++ Java
5.2 C++ Java
5.3 C++ Java
5.4 C++ Java
5.5 C++ Java
9.1 C++ Java
9.2 C++ Java
9.3 C++ Java
9.4 C++ Java
9.5 C++ Java