Competition Rules

Access and Communication

Input and Output


Speed Round (Round 1)

The speed round duration will be 2 hours and will consist of 10 unweighted problems.

Submissions will be run on a set of test cases which are not revealed to the teams during the contest, and they are accepted as correct if they pass on all of the test cases. Teams will be notified whether their submission is correct within about a minute. If the submission is correct, no further points can be awarded for the problem. If the submission is not accepted, teams are free to resubmit the problem. There is no penalty for incorrect submissions and no limit on the number of submissions per problem.

The submissions from a team do not all need to be in the same language. For example, the same team could solve novA in C, novD in Java, and novF in C++.


Teams are ranked according to the most problems solved. Teams who solve the same number of problems will be ranked in accordance with the earliest time of their last correct submission.

Special Round (Round 2)

The special round duration will be 2 hours. More rules and scoring details are TBD.