Congratulations to all the contestants. You did a great job!


Congratulations to Mitty Pride (Christopher Wu, Warren Gabriel, and Brandon Tran), the winning novice team from Archbishop Mitty High School; and to Team bfondi (Tyler Adams, Charles Chen, and Brian Zhang), the winning advanced team from Gunn High School.

Individuals on the top 3 teams in each division received certificates and the following prizes. A big thanks goes to Apple, Facebook, and Jerry Cain for sponsoring the prizes:

View the complete scoreboard to see how each teams scored.


Congratulations to all the contestants who came!

ProCo 2010 saw 135 students representing 22 different schools:

Some statistics about the contest: - 35 boxes of large pizza - 1.87 years of programming experience per participant, on average - 1369 total submissions (999 Java, 234 C++, 96 Python, 40 C) - 324 correct speed submissions (239 Java, 50 C++, 22 C, 13 Python) - 576 ladder games played - Speed points per team: novice: 17.1 (mean), 16 (median); advanced: 24.1 (mean), 23 (median) - Every speed problem except adv93 was solved by at least one team


The entire archive of ProCo 2010 files (problem descriptions, judge data, and sample solutions) for both divisions can be downloaded here.

The speed round problem packets for ProCo 2010 are available for viewing: novice and advanced.

The algorithmic round problem description is available here.